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Non-Surgical BBL

Marks on the womens buttocks, waist and legs before plastic surgery. The concept of plastic surgery | Glam Bar Medical Spa in Los Angeles CA

Non-surgical BBL procedure uses dermal fillers to lift, round, and firm the backside. Results may be seen immediately. With a non-surgical BBL, there is little downtime. This procedure can be combined with other non-surgical body contouring treatments to achieve your aesthetic goals without turning to more invasive surgeries. Book Now We use dermal fillers to: […]


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V-Lift is a one-of-a-kind, bespoke service created by our highly skilled Glam Bar injectors. When we are young, our faces have a “V-shape,” with high, lifted foreheads and eyes, tapering to a sleek jaw and neckline. As we age, gravity pulls a predominance of tissue downward, and the “V” becomes inverted. Our thread lift and […]


Beautiful woman in professional beauty salon during photo rejuvenation procedure | Glam Bar Medical Spa in Los Angeles CA

RF THERAPY WITH MORPHEUS8 At Glam Bar, we use Morpheus8, a modular Radiofrequency fractional laser to target subdermal tissues, stimulates collagen production, and increase cell turnover. Morpheus8 combines radiofrequency and microneedling to intensely heat tissues, leading to enhanced collagen production. This combination of treatments results in a more youthful complexion by minimizing wrinkles, fine lines, […]

Non-Surgical Lipo

Application of cryolipolysis, cryotherapy, preparing to apply to the patient's abdomen, with a single plate of the cryolipolysis device. patient smiling | Glam Bar Medical Spa in Los Angeles CA

Morpheus8 body is a cutting-edge radiofrequency microneedling technology that is FDA-approved for intense tissue remodeling. This minimally-invasive procedure tightens loose skin, liquefies subdermal fat, and minimizes the appearance of cellulite, all while enhancing skin tone and texture. Morpheus8 body safely and effectively delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy to varying depths through its gold-plated microneedles. This advanced […]


Portrait of an attractive young woman receiving botox treatment. Isolated on white background - Woman at plastic surgery | Glam Bar Medical Spa in Los Angeles CA

If you want to reduce and prevent signs of aging, neurotoxin injectables might be for you! Neurotoxins temporarily improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles while preventing new signs of aging from forming. Neurotoxins relax facial muscles and restrict excessive movement to correct lines and wrinkles caused by glaring, smiling, squinting, and wrinkling the forehead. […]

Microinfusion Facial

Cropped close up of unrecognizable woman getting mesotherapy procedure at beauty clinic | Glam Bar Medical Spa in Los Angeles CA

A Microinfusion Facial uses 24-carat gold fine needles to deliver a bespoke cocktail of peptides, antioxidants, and growth factors deeply into the skin. The luxury Microinfusion tool creates tiny microchannels in the treatment area that can absorb medical-grade skincare products better. Your customized Microinfusion serum may include hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, stem cells, toxins (micro-tox), […]

IPL Therapy

Cosmetologist holding IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy Device on woman's face | Glam Bar Medical Spa in Los Angeles CA

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment addresses different skin conditions, disorders, and pigmentation issues. It is administered through a specific laser treatment device through short bursts of broad-spectrum light to remove scars, hair, or acne from the skin’s surface. It focuses solely on the skin’s upper layer without penetrating so deeply that it turns on younger […]


woman having lip injections, a prick of a syringe for the beauty lips. lip augmentation | Glam Bar Medical Spa in Los Angeles CA

Dermal fillers are versatile cosmetic injectables that address several concerns and aesthetic goals. Our skin begins to lose volume and elasticity as we get older. Over time, sun damage and repetitive muscle movements are just a few factors that lead to lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Dermal fillers are an excellent option to […]


Treatments Lip Borders & Volume Price Our modified lip injection technique can define the border and add volume for the perfect lip ratio. Book Now Cheeks Define your cheekbone and fill in areas as volume diminishes. Book Now Chin The chin can appear too small or hidden in the lower region of the face. Filler […]


Photo portrait woman after shower naked shoulders applying night age face cream isolated white color background copyspace | Glam Bar Medical Spa in Los Angeles CA

Neuromodulators are wrinkle-relaxing injections of botulinum toxin – commercially known as Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin or Jeuveau – that are used to treat wrinkles and can be used to transform all areas of the face and body! Botox is a versatile cosmetic treatment that can do more than just treat forehead wrinkles.  Here are some other uses: Book […]

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