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Lip Borders & Volume


Our modified lip injection technique can define the border and add volume for the perfect lip ratio.


Define your cheekbone and fill in areas as volume diminishes.


The chin can appear too small or hidden in the lower region of the face. Filler in the chin can provide elongation of the face and in some cases, can provide the look of a more defined profile.

Jaw Re-Shaping

Enhance the shape to provide strong foundation and frame to the face.

Nose Re-Shaping

Non-surgically fix the dorsal hump and lip the tip of the nose.

Tear Trough

Tear troughs, or dark circles under the eyes, can be due to volume loss in that region, making you look older and tired. Filler in this area helps recreate the free flowing transition from the eyes to the cheek.

Brazilian Buttlift

Add volume to create a larger appearance and shelf or fill in hip dips for curvy look.

Lip Lines

Vertical lip lines appear on the top and bottom lip, we precisely inject to diminish these lines with no traceability.

Corner of the Mouth

This area can become more apparent and begin to turn down as a result of pressure from the mid face and the constant pull of a muscle. This can make the face look sad and aged.

Nasolabial Folds

These folds start at the sides of the nose and run down to the corners of the mouth. As your cheek descends, it can exaggerate these lines creating deeper folds. Dermal fillers support this area and re-harmonise the mid face.


The temple area loses volume as we age and can create the appearance of hollowing in the upper face. Dermal fillers can be used to re-volumise this region.


Filler in this area helps plump, restore volume to damaged, droopy or torn earlobe.

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