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Cosmetic Filler Benefits

Cosmetic Filler Benefits

Dermal Filler Benefits
One of the most effective and result-driven anti-ageing treatments, Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Fillers are the non-invasive treatment option to rejuvenate and enhance your best features.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Immediate Results


Dermal filler immediately adds volume and smooths out wrinkles and creases to the targeted area. As the filler settles under the skin, the full effect is visible in a matter of days.

Shape & Symmetry

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical option to reshape areas such as the chin, jawline, or lips. Dermal filler treatments can be tailored to achieve subtle enhancements to your natural facial shape, even out the texture by filling in lines and create symmetry.

Create Volume & Fullness

Made from a natural sugar already present in the human body – our dermal fillers are an affordable way to replicate the function of this naturally occurring substance and can restore fullness and volume in numerous facial areas.

Long Lasting

Dermal Fillers can last up to six to eighteen months and in some cases longer depending on how fast the body metabolises the product.

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